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Why are Vegan Food Wraps soy free

Why are Vegan Food Wraps soy free

  • The Vegan Food Wraps Company
We get a lot of questions about what goes into our wraps so we wrote this to explain how we make them. However we felt that we should explain a little further the choices we made in arriving at the key ingredients that we put into our wraps. 
So I will start with the Soy question. Lots of other vegan wraps have soy wax as the main constituent of the wraps, perhaps with a mixture of candelilla wax thrown in too. We decided immediately that soy wax was a complete non-starter for us. Here are a few snippets from various sources (all linked below)
  • Europe imports 39m tonnes of soya a year, 90% is destined for animal feed... it takes 8-16lb of soybeans to produce 1lb of beef, which is spectacularly inefficient. *
  • In Brazil alone, soya cultivation occupies 20.5m ha (in 1940 just 704ha).*
  • Soya farms create vast monocultures, employing few workers and destroying biodiversity.
  • Along with deforestation, there are also concerns about the use of agrochemicals in soya production – risking pollution to water supplies and soil – as well as labour issues and tension over resources**
  • Non-GM or Organic Soy wax? Well this one was the final straw for us, after a great deal of research it is clear that the very process of turning soy oil into soy wax modifies the soy in such a way to make it impossible to state that it is organic, our sources also made it clear that there isn't a soy bean production site that provides soy wax to the UK that is Non-GMO, in fact they stated that almost all of the US soy production is GMO.

So is Soy wax a good base for our Vegan Wax Wraps? We don't think so, soy wax in it's present form isn't sustainable, it cannot be guaranteed to be Non-GMO or indeed organic.

We did a lot of research at Responsible Soy, Cornucopia, and Provomel. As well as some great articles by Lucy Siegle from the Guardian. Our plan for an eco-wrap that was vegan, cruelty free and planet friendly needed something different. When hand-making our wraps we use a completely plant based wax mix, all the wax is Non-GMO and is UK based so the carbon footprint is minimal. We are proud of this and we really think that this along with our other choices which include GOTS certified cotton, organic jojoba oil and pine resin set our wraps aside from alternatives. How we make our products and the decisions we make we feel ensure our wraps are sustainable Vegan alternative to single use cling film and plastic sandwich bags. Make sure you visit our shop to see our full range of wraps!

*Guardian **The Ecologist