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Our Vegan Food Wraps

Vegan Wax Wraps, planet friendly, eco and simple to use

We are very proud to bring you our Vegan Food Wraps, a plant based vegan alternative to single use plastic, cling film and tin foil. Our wraps are a natural, eco friendly and traditional way to protect and keep food fresh. 
Our vegan wax wraps are soy and palm oil free and are made using custom designed 100% organic cotton which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. We have a range of sizes brought together in packs that we think will match the lifestyle of environmentally conscious Vegans.
All our wraps are handmade in the Cotswolds. We use a simple process to make sure all of our wraps are perfect. And come to you in 100% recycled packaging. The plant based  ingredients include jojoba oil**, pine resin, sumac wax*, sunflower wax*, rice bran wax* and hydrogenated castor oil*.
*GMO free and manufactured in the UK

What are our Vegan Food Wraps made from and where do we make them?

Our Vegan Food Wraps are made in Nailsworth, in the heart of the Cotswolds. We hand make all of our eco friendly wraps using GOTS certified organic cotton printed to our own design. We combine a plant based vegan wax *GMO free and manufactured in the UK with Jojoba oil (organic), and pine resin.

People say the nicest things about our wraps and we collect them here on our feedback page.

 Why should you use our Vegan Food Wraps?

  1. Vegan Our wraps are completely Vegan and we source all of our ingredients from the most sustainable sources possible. 
  2. Planet Friendly We have created these wraps in response to a growing demand for planet friendly alternatives to single use plastic. Our reusable sandwich wraps could potentially eliminate a household's use of cling film, tin foil and plastic sandwich bags.
  3. Biodegradable Our wraps should last for up to a year, they can be cleaned easily and reused over and again. At the end of their life you can put them in the compost to decompose.
  4. Easy to wash You can keep your wraps clean, just clean with warm water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid

We have created a tutorials page here we update this regularly with videos explaining how to use and look after our wraps.

Tom and the team
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