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Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Repair and Re-educate

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Repair and Re-educate

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How to maximise the homework potential on a Sunday night when all you have is rubbish

Grid of how to make a purse from a carton
Conversation between a Father and Daughter
Poppy: "I have some D&T homework due in on Monday..."
Dad: "OK, what is it?"
Poppy: "I have to make something out of rubbish"
Dad: "OK, that should be easy, what have we got?"
Poppy: "We've got some card boxes, some plastic bits and bobs and this carton of dairy free milk"
This is the start of the convo that took place last Sunday, and I just wanted to share with you the final outcome, of which both Poppy and I are very proud.

This was a super simple and exciting project that actually resulted in something pretty cool, pretty useful and it damn well ticked the box of "Make something out of rubbish" Now this was actually a great bit of homework, and having been a teacher myself I can see the benefits of it. The reality is that we aren't going to eliminate waste instantly and there will be a long transition period where we will have to think carefully about our waste.
The adage of Reduce/Reuse/Repair/Recycle and Re-Educate are vitally important and as teachers and parents it is hugely important to catch them when they're young. I'm not about to claim that I invented the above wallet, there are hundreds of great tutorials out there to teach you how to make anything from anything!
Makezine is one of my favourites.