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Family Bundle

Vegan Food Wrap | In stock

The Family Bundle is fantastic as you save a whopping 20% on the cost of these wraps - You effectively get the bread wrap for FREE! We put this pack together so you have enough wraps for everyone's lunch boxes, plus 2 large wraps for covering dishes and any leftovers and one of our huge bread wraps. This is also a great option for gifting as the bundle comes as 2 Large Kitchen Packs and a Bread Wrap.

Our Family Bundle contains:

4 x Small Vegan Wraps (approx 20cm x 20cm)

4 x Medium Vegan Wraps (approx 30cm x 30cm)

2 x Large Vegan Wrap (approx 40cm x 40cm)

1 x Bread Wrap (approx 50cm x 50cm)

Our Vegan food wraps are handmade using organic cotton. They are a natural way to protect and keep your food fresh. Use the warmth of your hands to seal around bowls, sandwiches and loaves of bread. Our amazing wraps are reusable for up to a year, and in fact will probably last a lot longer. All you need to do is wash them in cool water with some washing up liquid. Hang them out to dry, and they’re good to go again for the next sandwich, avocado or to cover the leftovers from dinner. Say goodbye to cling film for ever. Make your friends and colleagues say “Hey.. What are those? Where’d you get them and how do I get one?” These wraps will probably change your life, well at least the early morning packed lunch part. You can wrap up your kids sandwiches, make neat little pouches for crisps, or raisins & nuts.




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